Chagas disease, or Sleeping disease, is not a bacteria or virus, but a parasite that during the very last stage of the victim’s fight, puts them in a zombie-like state before death. Scientists are calling this parasitic disease, the AIDs of the America. There is no cure if not caught early.

Considered a poor man’s disease, Chagas has already believe to have infected 8 million people in Bolivia, Mexico, Columbia and Central America. It is estimated that possibly 30,000 people in the U.S. are infected.

The parasite, a blood sucking bug, Triatomine, also known as kissing bugs, releases the parasite after biting its victim. The single cell parasite is released into the blood stream. Once infected, it may take years for parasite to produce enough symptoms, which include constipation, cramps and cardiac arrhythmia. Severe stage symptoms include enlarged heart, stomach, and possible heart failure and brain damage.

African Trypanosomiasis "Zombies Disease"