New Experimental Drug Hopeful for Certain Breast Cancer Tumors

An amazing new weapon has been found in the continuing war against breast cancer.

A new drug being tried experimentally, called T-DM1, has proven to be very successful at treating tumors of certain aggressive types of breast cancers.

The drug has been tested on almost 1,000 patients whose breast cancers have metasticized to other parts of the body.

The group given standard methods of drug therapy had 6.4 months of progression-free survival compared to 9.6 months for the group being given T-DM1 every three weeks.

“Trastuzumab is now a standard in the adjuvant setting to reduce risk of recurrence and improve survival, and in the metastatic setting to control disease and prolong life,” said Antonio Wolff, professor of oncology at The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.

“Unfortunately, there are still many patients with HER2-positive disease whose disease recurs despite adjuvant trastuzumab, and whose cancers stop responding when treated in the metastatic setting,” said Wolff, who was not involved with the study.

In addition to proving more effective than drugs currently being used to eliminate breast cancer, the new experimental drug has another major benefit.

Patients don’t encounter any major side effects and using the drug T-DM1 does not cause a patient’s hair to fall out during the treatment phase. A number of doctors are calling the new drug a “breakthrough” for any patient suffering from metastatic breast cancer.

Experimental Breast Cancer Drug Slows Tumor Growth: Study

Experimental Breast Cancer Drug Slows Tumor Growth: Study