Rumors about Stacy Keibler’s alleged pregnancy have not been confirmed. The famous model chooses not to publicly address the issue and values her privacy.

She has been described as a fitness and health fanatic and her convictions about healthy living are well known.

Sources close to her have stated that Stacy plans on becoming a mother later in life. George Clooney has not confirmed or denied the rumors either.

Though the model, 32, hasn’t addressed the pregnancy rumors herself, a source tells TMZ they are “100% false.” And on June 20, Keibler —

The pair is presently vacationing in Italy and trying to stay out of the public eye as much as possible.

How does she keep that rock-hard body? Keibler constantly changes her workout routine. “I go to Barry’s Bootcamp, I go to Physique 57 — every week is different for me,” she told Us Weekly earlier this year. “Sometimes I’ll go to Barry’s three times a week because it fits into my schedule better, and sometimes I’ll work out with a trainer five times a week.”

She added: “I also like boxing. That’s an amazing workout. . . Summer is when I start getting in the groove of at least once or twice a week mixing in something like boxing. I just like to mix it up.”

Update: The former WWE diva upload a photo to Instagram. In the shot, the 32-year-old shows off her lean (flat) midsection.

“I was doing the @BarrysBootcamp DVD #notjoking,” she wrote.

Stacy Keibler Pregnancy Rumors 100 Percent False

Stacy Keibler Pregnancy Rumors 100 Percent False