McDonald’s  Curly Fries: Umm Yes Please

McDonald’s Curly Fries: Umm Yes Please

McD’s Twister Fries Return

McDonald’s is famous worldwide for its tasty burgers and crisp, salty fries. A new twist on the regular McDonald’s fries may be in the works.

In the Philippines, McDonald’s has released, for a limited time at least, a new fry. Labeled “Twister Fries” in then Philippines, the curly rings of potato are better known in the United States as “curly fires.” The fast food chain has released the “Twister Fires” at least once previously in the Philippines.

The curly fries will only be available for the next three weeks, making it unlikely that McDonald’s will release the fries in America.

do you wish McDonald’s US would start selling Twister Fries?