Don't Want To Die At Your desk? Stand More With A "Standing At Work" Desk

Don’t Want To Die At Your desk? Stand More With A “Standing At Work” Desk

Standing at the Desk Can Prolong Your Life

It’s no secret that constant sitting at our desk jobs has contributed to a variety of America’s ills. Hours upon hours of sitting creates stress on the back, and your risk for obesity and heart disease climb. Even if you work out regularly, sitting at a desk can exact a great toll on your life.

A recent trend in the corporate world has been to incorporate standing desks to better facilitate physical fitness. Studies suggest that reducing the amount of time spent sitting daily can add years to lifespan. This “standing at work” movement has gained more popularity as research findings about the trouble of sitting have expanded.

Even schools are beginning to pick up on this growing trend. Elementary and secondary schools across the country are implementing standing desks in an attempt to curb the rising childhood obesity rate.

The Huffington Post Reports:

The work station might seem a bit strange, but using it is likely the healthier than sitting at a traditional desk. Sitting down for extended periods of time can pose serious health risks including heart attack, nerve pain, back pain and obesity. As a result, standing desks, such as those made by GeekDesk, are becoming increasingly popular. Indeed, 10 percent of employees at the Dulles office of The Huffington Post’s parent company AOL use standing desks, The Washington Post reports.

Still at price of over $1400 is it really worth it?

One Youtube commenter says no way:

“$1400 for the desk and chair, it’s just stupid to think it’s worth that much, perhaps if it were made for anyone and not just the extremely wealthy it would be nice. But at this price it’s just stupid.”

What do you think? Will you be shelling out $1400 bucks for one of these desks?