Jenny McCarthy Abs Secrets Revealed

Jenny McCarthy Abs Secrets Revealed

Jenny McCarthy’s Reveals Her Secret to Great Abs: Soup

Jenny McCarthy, former Playboy model who transitioned into a successful career as an author and actress, is on the front cover of the current issue of Shape Magazine.

McCarthy is shown on the cover wearing a teal green spandex swimsuit and tank top has a great shape to her abs in terms of both muscle tone and low fat content.

So what’s the secret to her success? Is it a high-end personal trainer or extreme diet? Not so says the actress. Her secret consists in eating soup three times a day for ten days.

Call it a soup diet if you will but there’s more to the diet that just soup.

“I make a ton of nutritious ones, like butternut squash and vegetable. When I want to drop 5 pounds quickly, I eat them for every meal for about 10 days.”

McCarthy makes her own soups such as vegetable soups and butternut squash.

Healthy soups avoid the high sodium in processed soups found in cans or mixes which soups actually increase water retention.

These healthy soups made from scratch also suppress hunger and help her avoid using cigarettes, dairy products, and other fatty foods.

McCarthy tells the mag she works out three times per weeks and has cut down on cigarettes and coffee. But she does have her vices.

“Chinese food and pizza! There’s this place in Chicago called Giordano’s which has the best deep-dish pizza in the world. It’s my therapist, my best friend, and my boyfriend on Friday nights,” McCarthy says.