world's fattest man drops 46 stone after surgery

world’s fattest man drops 46 stone after surgery (photo courtesy Photo by Ken McKay)

World’s fattest man sheds 46 stone after stomach op

Once upon a time Paul Mason of Ipswich, Suffolk was identified as the world’s fattest man and consumed nearly 20,000 calories each day. The British native weighed nearly 70 stone or the equivalent of 980 pounds and needed an electric wheelchair.

Mason, now 51, is a former postman who underwent a gastric bypass operation that reduced his stomach down to the size of a hen’s egg. Since the operation Mason has lost an incredible 644 pounds thanks to miniscule portions and vegetables.

His weight loss allows him to take short walks with his dog. Mason’s goal is to have a healthy weight of 200 pounds and undergo additional surgery to remove excess skin.

The 51-year-old told The Sun: “I was ashamed to be called the fattest man in the world because I knew I’d got myself in a hell of a state.

“Now I guess I could well be the biggest slimmer in the world, but I still have a way to go.

“I want to get down to between 14 and 15 stone which is the healthy weight for someone who is 6ft 4in.”

Mason was a compulsive eater for over twenty years. In 2002, he weighed 784 pounds and needed a hernia operation. Firefighters were forced to remove a wall and a use forklift to transport him to an ambulance.

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