Melanie Sykes Bodysuit Defies Age

Melanie Sykes Bodysuit Defies Age

Age Defying Melanie Sykes models Latex Bodysuit

Former model and TV presenter Melanie Sykes completed a fashion shoot including posing in a shiny latex bodysuit.

The Daily Mail reports, the 42 year old mother of one explains in an interview accompanying the photo shoot for British tabloid The Sun’s Fabulous magazine that her trim figure is the result of a disciplined exercise regime that includes five days at the gym each week.

Sykes explains she does not attend gym sessions on the weekends as she does not want to fight for equipment time at the busiest times of the week.

Becoming famous for her role in beer manufacturer Boddington’s TV commercial’s in the 1990s Sykes also proves she can still pick out Boddington’s when faced with a blind taste test for the magazine.

Alongside the Monday to Friday exercise regime Melanie Sykes claims she has maintained her figure with the help of her much younger fiance Jack Coggington.

the TV presenter told MailOnline last year she always tries to go to the gym five days a week.

She said: “I hate going in at the weekend because it’s just packed and you can never get on any equipment so I tend to try and go Monday to Friday.

“I started training about four years ago. I was approaching 40 and just thought it would be quite good to get fit… I was slim, but it wasn’t about that, it was about getting a bit fitter.”

For the full interview pick up a copy of this week’s Fabulous magazine,

isn’t the only one to rock a latex body suit.

Lady Gaga, known for her eyebrow-raising attire in all situations as much as her smash hit singles, brok another fashion barrier last year when she arrived at the Paris restaurant Maxim’s wearing a skintight, semi-sheer leopard print bodysuit and sleek knee high platform boots.

Maxim’s is well known for its dress code, expecting dresses and suit jackets on dining clientele.

Unsurprisingly, Lady Gaga and her entourage were not turned away at the door. Maxim’s saw it fit to bend their dress code for the group, which had just finished a photo shoot. No word on if the restaurant let the paparazzi that followed the star in without suit jackets.

And of course, Kylie Minouge is no stranger to rocking the bodysuit.

Who do you think has rocked the best bodysuit?