Burt Reynolds Hospitalized: Rep Says He's Doing Ok

Burt Reynolds Hospitalized: Rep Says He’s Doing Ok

Burt Reynolds in ICU

Actor Burt Reynolds has been hospitalized. For the last couple of days, he’s been experiencing flu-like symptoms. Earlier, when his condition went downhill and medical attention warranted, he went to a Florida area hospital for treatment. After assessing his condition, staff found he was dehydrated and was then moved to the intensive care unit.

Burt Reynolds representative, Erick Kritzner, let the public know that he is now doing better. He is confident that once the dehydration issue is resolved that Burt Reynolds will be moved out of intensive care and back into a regular hospital room.

“He is doing better at this time. We expect as soon as he gets more fluids, he will be back in a regular room,” said Kritzner.

The 76 year old Georgia native began acting in the 1960’s. In the ’70’s and ’80’s he became a household name. While being a prolific actor and starring in numerous TV shows and movies, one of his best known features isn’t a role he’s played. Instead, it’s his signature moustache.