Lisa Rinna Talks Plastic Surgery Woes

Lisa Rinna Talks Plastic Surgery Woes (photo courtesy Chrisa Hickey)

Actress Rinna Recounts Years of Lip Trouble

(dBTechno) – Actress Lisa Rinna recently admitted she was inspired by a Bette Midler movie to have her lips injected with silicone to make them appear more full and luscious.

While doing a guest-host stint on the “Today Show”, she revealed to co-host Hoda Kotb that since seeing the movie “Beaches” and getting her lip job done, she has undergone years of trouble and criticism about them but never regrets the decision to make them fuller.

In 2010, she had a surgery to reduce the size of her lips after she had silicone put in the top one in the ’80s and scar tissue developed around it. She’s also spoken about using facial fillers in the past, but she said these days she’s more about taking care of her skin and living a healthy lifestyle.

Rinna says she believes she would not have had as great a career before having her lips worked on, although she did undergo a procedure several years ago to have a doctor remove as much of the injected silicone as possible because it was making her lips unkissably hard. She says she has remained amazed that her lips have been the subject of so much interest and jokes that her lips have enjoyed their own career in Hollywood.

When it comes to doctoring her appearance, Rinna said she’s “tried it all, not a fan of it anymore.” But she doesn’t regret it. “I don’t regret anything,” Rinna revealed. “I think we all try everything, everyone’s tried it. If it works for you, great. If not, you move on. I mean, every actress has done it, pretty much.” However, very few are willing to talk about it, she noted. “The people that aren’t honest about it, it’s a little bit easier for them, I think.”

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