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Chris Christie , secret lap-band surgery

NJ Governor Chris Christie Undergoes Secret Lap-Band Surgery

If the general public knows about it, can it truly be said to be a secret? You decide but popular New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is reported to have undergone laparoscopic adjustable gastric band surgery this past February.

According to ABC News, the surgery is also referred to by the name “Lap-Band”. Essentially, a portion of the human stomach is crimped by a band to dawdle the patient’s rate of food consumption and result in reduced weight. It’s no surprise that Governor Christie is a “rather large man” and that weight loss would be in his best interest from a position of health. The outspoken governor is currently preparing for his reelection campaign and is largely regarded as a shoe-in for a second term.

Additionally, it is believed that he has aspirations for the US Presidency following the Obama presidency.

In the state of New Jersey, Christie has been able to win the votes of democrats much the same as Obama has won the votes of republicans.

“My decisions about anything to do with my career are based upon what I think is best for me and best for my family,” he said last month. “Whatever size I happen to be when I have to make a decision about what to do next in my career, i doubt that’ll play any role or effect in what I decide to do.”

Christie has been very successful at raising campaign cash for his reelection netting over six million just this past week alone. For his part, Christie is very stoic about his weight and downplays any role that it made in his political aspirations.

Chris Christie Had Secret Weight-Loss Surgery