Monsanto Facing Farmer Lawsuit Over GMO Wheat

Farmers who contend that Monsanto’s GMO Wheat (Genetically Modified) has contaminated their own wheat crops, resulting in much lower market prices, have filed a lawsuit against the giant seed developer in U.S. District Court.

Farmer Tom Stahl and Clarmar Farms,Inc. have joined forces with the Center for Food Safety in filing the class action lawsuit which represents all U.S. farmers whose livelihoods have been harmed by falling wheat prices as buyers from foreign countries are purchasing less U.S. wheat because more and more of the product is showing that it has been contaminated with Monsanto’s GMO Wheat.

The lawsuit alleges that Monsanto, the leading proponent of biotech seeds for agriculture, had failed to protect farmers of regular wheat from having GMO seeds contaminate their crops. It was recently discovered that a wheat farmer who had not intentionally planted GMO wheat actually had Monsanto’s modified wheat growing in his fields.

Monsanto had insisted that it had stopped testing of their unapproved modified wheat, known as “Roundup Ready” because of its ability to withstand weed killer applications, almost a decade ago. U.S. Farmers say that they have been financially harmed by Monsanto because buyers from Asia, Korea and even Europe are starting to boycott U.S. wheat supplies because of the biotech seed contamination.


U.S. farmer lawsuit filed against Monsanto over GMO wheat