Halle Berry 5 toes: Does Actress Have An Extra Metatarsal?

Halle Berry 5 toes: Does Actress Have An Extra Metatarsal?

Celebrity myths: Halle Berry 5 toes metatarsal

Actress Halle Berry has been at the center of a myth for nearly a decade. This myth is that she has an extra toe. Having extra toes is a defect called polydactylism.

The extra toe or toes are generally made out of softer tissue, which makes it much easier to remove. There are thousands of people with this particular issue that impacts how many fingers or toes one may have.

This myth is exactly that. It is untrue.

There have been many observers that have noticed that it is not due to an extra toe, but the way that her toes have formed on her foot. Her pinkie toe is considered to be very small.

It is also bent in such a way that from a distance, one may mistakenly believe that she has an extra digit. Upon observing pictures of Berry wearing sandals, the conclusion is that she simply has a bent pinkie toe.

Bent pinkie toes can come from a few things. The most likely candidate for this issue would be heels. Wearing shoes that are tight fitting constantly can make feet look much different. This is especially the case for celebrities such as Halle Berry.

After many years of circulation, this myth can be officially put to rest by taking a few minutes to look at pictures of Halle Berry’s feet.

Meanwhile, Berry 46, had given up hope that motherhood would ever come her way again. In April, however, she and fiancé Olivier Martinez, 47, announced to everyone’s surprise that their newest miracle was en route. Now, with belly proudly protruding, Berry is letting nothing slow her down.

The actress is quote as saying: “This has been the biggest surprise of my life to tell you the truth. I thought I was kind of past the point where this could be a reality for me. So it’s been a big surprise and the most wonderful.”

On May 10th, she appeared dressed in a tight workout top and gym pants. She went to drop off daughter, Nahla at school. This is the couple’s first child together as Nahla is from a previous relationship.

Speculations as to the gender of the baby abound, with many sources reporting that it is a boy. The couple, however, refuses to confirm this stating that they do not know.




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