kyle love fired for diabetes Diagnosis

kyle love fired for diabetes Diagnosis

Patriots Fire Kyle Love Following Diabetes Diagnosis

NFL player Kyle Love was released from his contract by the New England Patriots for NFI, non-football injury or illness, after it was disclosed that he suffered from type 2 diabetes.

Love is among the more than 26 million Americans who have the disease affecting how the body processes blood sugar into energy.

Love was recently tested after experiencing rapid and unexplained weight loss.

Although fans were disappointed that the Patriots cut him so quickly from the team, within 48 hours Love accepted an offer to become a defensive tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In May, Love’s agent, Richard Kopelman, told ESPN that the diabetic player had been released for NFI — non-football injury or illness. Fans with diabetes or diabetic family members might understand the feelings voiced in Kopelman’s statement.

“We have been informed by the New England Patriots that Kyle Love will be released NFI (Non-Football Injury/Illness),” Kopelman told “This comes on the heels of Kyle having been diagnosed within the past two weeks with Type-2 diabetes. Naturally, we are disappointed that the Patriots decided to part ways with Kyle, especially in light of the fact that a number of elite professional athletes with diabetes – both Type-1, which is known to be far more difficult to manage than Type-2 diabetes – have had very successful careers in professional football, hockey, baseball and basketball.

“Prior to the diagnosis, Kyle recently experienced unexplained weight loss, but since being diagnosed and having altered his diet, Kyle has regained most of the weight he lost, is in good health, and was not limited in any way during offseason workouts in which he was engaged up until being told he would be released.

“Having consulted with leading authorities on the effects of Type-2 diabetes, we have every reason to believe that Kyle will, in the immediate future, be at 100 percent, and will be prepared to participate in training camp in a couple of months. As Kyle said, ‘there is no way something like this is going to stand between me and a long and successful NFL career.’”

It is reported that Love had lost as much as 30 pounds before his diabetic condition was discovered. There was no explanation as to why the Patriots did not take the option to give Love time off to handle his condition and get back into fighting shape.

Many fans criticized Patriot management for acting in haste and taking a knee-jerk reaction upon hearing about the diabetes diagnosis and wrongly assuming that Love would no longer be an asset to the team because of his disease.

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), there are almost 26 million Americans living with diabetes — over 8 percent of population. Almost 2 million new cases are diagnosed with the disease each year.


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