Picture of an Obese Teenager (146kg/322lb) with Central Obesity, side view.Self Made Picture of an Obese Teenager (Myself) (146kg/322lb) with Central Obesity, Front View.

Picture of an Obese Teenager (146kg/322lb) with Central Obesity, side view.Self Made Picture of an Obese Teenager (Myself) (146kg/322lb) with Central Obesity, Front View. ( courtesy James Heilman, MD)

U.S. Drops to Number Two Among Fattest Countries

A recent report released by the United Nations indicates that the United States is no longer the fattest country on the planet.

Recent statistics show that the United States of America has dropped to the rank of number two among the world’s fattest countries, with Mexico now considered the nation with the most overweight and obese residents. With an obesity rate of almost 32 percent, the U.S. is now ranked second fattest country, following closely behind Mexico, which has a rating of almost one out of every three citizens considered obese, or one-third of its population.

Experts point to several possible reasons for Mexico’s citizens gaining the most weight in recent years, including an increase in income, a modern urban lifestyle which encourages convenience foods and eating at fast food restaurants, in addition to poor dietary choices.

“Modern Mexicans’ urban lifestyle, rising incomes and myriad consumption vices have fed a seemingly endless struggle that’s killing thousands more of them each year,” Dudley Althaus writes for Global Post.

“Even as nearly half its people are poor and as officials launch a national anti-hunger campaign, Mexico by some accounts recently has replaced the United States as the chubbiest of the globe’s larger countries,” the report adds.

“Diabetes and cardiovascular ills spike, plus sizes cram clothing racks and Mexicans keep eating, eating, eating.”

Research has shown that people in Mexico consume the highest level of soft drinks than any other nation, a dramatic consumption of corn syrup and sugar which swiftly promotes weight gain.

Doctors warn that obesity and malnourishment in the country often go hand-in-hand.

“The same people who are malnourished are the ones who are becoming obese,” said physician Abelardo Avila with Mexico’s National Nutrition Institute.

“In the poor classes we have obese parents and malnourished children. The worst thing is the children are becoming programmed for obesity. It’s a very serious epidemic.”

There are four countries in Europe included on the list of the top 10 fattest countries released by the United Nations, with no countries in Africa or Asia among the 10 fattest.


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