Never an Age Limit on Bullying

Research has shown that even after school the bullying doesn’t stop for what we precieve as ugly people. Ugly employees, it seems, are more likely to face cruel ridicule and teasing from colleagues.

Timothy Judge, professor of management at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business in Indiana, and Brent Scott from Michigan State University interviewed 114 American workers on how often other staff members were cruel to them. The research was published in the journal Human Performance. The results showed that ugly people are treated much more harshly than attractive co-workers.

This study affects the people that are being harrassed, as well as the rest of the work place. The undercurrent in this kind of work envirement makes for a stressful, unpleasnt situation for everybody.

We as a sociaty place a high importance on looks when it comes to being in a proffessional environment. This is apparently even the case when factors such as age, gender and employment time are taken into account.

Prof. Judge says, it is “imperative that people become aware of their prejudice against less attractive people” and “more open and honest about their pervasiveness”. This would help people “combat the influence” such prejudices have.

The Journal Human Performance Article Published: June 19, 2013