Tennis star Maria Sharapova graces the September cover of Shape magazine.

The 6-foot2 Russian tennis star flaunted her athletic figure in a berry-colored bralette and matching boy shorts, topped off with a teal leather jacket, with her blond locks styled in loose, beachy waves.

Now this is what we call effortless glamour.

And in case you’re wondering just how the 26-year-old beauty maintains her great shape when she’s off the court, she candidly tells the magazine all about her regular workouts.

She tells Shape that she breaks a sweat twice a day, interspersed with an hour and a half of shoulder rehab and either an ice bath or a sports massage to relax her muscles at the end of the day.

The tennis star does admit she watches her weight, but not for the sake of keeping thin.

“I do weigh myself, though, to make sure I’m hydrated before matches because I sweat so much,” she told Shape magazine. “Water is a huge part of my diet. I have to force myself to drink it.”

On her Shape cover: “Shape magazine embodies the world of sport and style so being on the cover is exciting for me. The September Issue is my favorite as its filled with all the fashion and beauty to come for Fall. I carry it around with me with for weeks for inspiration and purchasing my must haves for the fall.”

On the upcoming US Open: “The US Open is one of my favorite tournaments of the year- there is nothing like the vibe and energy of New York City and the fans.”

Sharapova recently offered up a heartfelt message to the paparazzi that spotted her and her boyfriend Gregor Dimitrov sharing some personal time in Madrid.

The four time grand slam champion sent paparazzi a message by taking a red marker and writing the following on the camera lens: “How did you find us???” It would have had a better effect had she recalled that words appear in reverse on the lens, but regardless, Sharapova wrote the entire message in good humor with her million dollar smile.

In all fairness, it wasn’t that difficult to find her, and Dimitrov given that the two were walking out in public during broad daylight. Still, the 26-year-old revealed a very pleasant side to herself.

Sharapova is expected to be back for the Cincinnati event next week. The Russian has not played since Wimbledon but has hired a new coach – the legendary Jimmmy Connors.

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