The Super Shred Diet:  A Diet Fad?

The Super Shred Diet: A Diet Fad?

The Super Shred Diet

There is a new diet hitting the mainstream media that promises huge results with a minimal amount of time required. Stop me if you have heard this one before. The diet this time is called the Super Shred. It is a diet weight loss book that promises a loss of 20 pounds in 4 weeks with the adherence to a specific set of special meal plans.

The diet was created by Dr. Ian Smith and promises something a little different than previous diet fads. There are no hugely rigorous demands, most of them starting at the kitchen table, and the cost is altogether fairly low: focusing on calories instead of special products.

The “Super Shred: Big Results Diet” was released on December 31st and a brief glance into its writings seems to place the diets emphasis on more conventional methods. Dr. Ian Smith seems focused on portion control, timing, and calorie monitoring. This shouldn’t sound rigorous to anybody looking to make a big weight loss and the book even advocates the allowance of Coffee, which is rare in dieting fads.

Dr. Ian Smith may be the next in a long line of diet fads, but his logic is promising.

The Super Shred Diet