miranda kerr work out buddymiranda kerr work out buddy Miranda Kerr and Her Must Have Workout Partner

One of the most famous Victoria Secrets angels has given her favorite workout secrets away.

The 30 year old bombshell Miranda Kerr let it be known in an interview, that her best workout companion is her son. Her son Flynn that she shares with her estranged husband Orlando Bloom is only 3 years old.

“The other day he was like, ‘Mama, I want to make a smoothie.’ He wanted to make his own smoothie, and then he said, ‘This one’s for you. It’s full of antioxidants,” the model mother said during a Reebok event, according to People.com. “He’s three years old, how does he know that? He obviously heard me talking.”

Although she lives a healthy lifestyle, including drinking smoothies, eating healthy and working out regularly, she also likes to spend time dancing and playing. She says she constantly dances around with her son, attends mommy and me dance classes, and is always on the go with him.



Miranda is happy that her son has been exposed to a healthy lifestyle, and obviously she is starting to make a big impression on him. Kerr claimed she has seen him lifting dumbbells and doing other exercises to imitate his mother. She even says she thinks he is a little health guru, and has a vocabulary beyond his age. The little boy will ask for smoothies, wants to make nutritional foods and drink, and talks about antioxidants.

There are many other things that Miranda does to work on her figure, like taking dance classes and variety of other cardiovascular activities. Not only is it important for her to work out regularly, but to be comfortable while she’s doing it. This is why she has teamed up with Reebok to come out with a line for women. Miranda is proof that spending time with your kids is rewarding mentally and psychically.

Meanwhile, Kerr has already accomplished a great deal in her thirty years here on this planet. The lovely brunette Australian has also dabbled in acting appearing on “How I Met Your Mother.” She even was able to write her own self help book and create launch her own brand of skin care products. What else is there for her to do?

Kerr answered that with the announcement that she had headed into the studio to record her debut song. She sings alongside Broadway talent Bobby Fox from the hit show “Jersey Boys.” The paid recorded a cover of a popular Elvis Presley and Ann Margret duet titled “Your the Boss” from the 1964 film “Viva Las Vegas.”

Kerr did make a statement that she is not planning a full on music career. She just recorded the song to have a little fun and to prove that she could. She will continue to
pursue her modeling work and be content to help raise her son Flynn Bloom, her two year old that she has with actor Orlando Bloom.

miranda kerr work out buddy

miranda kerr work out buddy