The community of less than 8,000 residents is considering prohibiting the sale of tobacco products, which would apparently be the first such ban in the nation. Westminster residents gathered on Wednesday night to discuss the proposal, which would ban the sale of items such as cigarettes, chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes.Westminster Refuses Ban Acceptance of Tobacco

Tobacco is hazardous and extremely injurious to health. Cigarette and cigars, both are popular enough in public to trigger a massacre on a hint to ban these items. Westminster is to become the first municipality in the United State to have had a ban imposed on the sale of all the tobacco items. however, the idea has become a bone in the neck for the local government after a substantial part of public baked by local tobacco businesses simply refused to give up on their cigarettes. “It is like one day even oxygen will be banned?” is a view of the protestors. However stupid the protest may seem, a lot of people are ready to come out in the open with slogans written on banners against the idea.

Westminster is a municipality of western Massachusetts where the chair woman of the board of health announced the imposing of ban on sales and use of all types of tobacco items. There were 500 odd people present as audience, and the program was shut down as a result of chaos inside the hall. There were loud slogans accompanied by play cards that nothing but disagreed and seemed ridiculed by the idea of the ban. Protestors stated that they were disgusted by the presentation of this idea that goes against all the rights and rules of liberty owned by the tobacco users.

They claimed that where ban on drugs like nicotine and the like is justifiable in favor of social and moral health, imposing a ban on a common and far less hazardous item like tobacco is nothing but sheer injustice. Not to mention, there is a big percentage of the general public that uses tobacco items and a big chunk of them does not agree on leaving their habit just because their municipal government decides to differ.