Cindy Crawford Shows What Real Women Look Like At 48

Cindy Crawford Shows What Real Women Look Like At 48

Since Friday, a picture un-edited photo of Cindy Crawford, 48, is circulating on the web.

According to the Daily Mail, the image is taken from a photo shoot conducted in December 2013 for Marie Claire magazine.

Pictured untouched, Crawford poses in lingerie with a feather coat. Although her body is not as strong as when it was at the height of her career in the 1990s, She is still beautiful.

The model has also mentioned in a previous issue of the magazine “at any age, it is important to be yourself. That’s what makes you attractive and sexy is what gives you confidence because that’s what people see. ”

Rumor has it that the image is printed in the next issue of Marie Claire, to show that the top models also age. This unedited version would be a leak, says the magazine for women on its US site.

Regardless of the origin of the shot, it quickly became viral on the web. Several users welcome the initiative of the magazine to show the “real body” of a woman of 48 years.


Cindy Crawford Unretouched Photo