It is customary to shake hands when interviewing for a professional job. A new study might spur employers to change from the traditional hand shake to examining a woman’s fingers during an interview. According to the study you can tell a lot about a woman’s work abilities by looking at her hands.

A new study reveals that you can predict the best career choice by the length of a woman’s fingers. This study found that high-powered positions such as a lawyer, doctor or manager tend to attract women whose index finger is shorter than their ring finger. This finger configuration predicts a woman will do well in a traditionally male type of career.

Conversely, women who are drawn to a traditionally female type of career such as nursing or teaching have a different finger configuration altogether. Their index finger tends to be longer than their ring finger. It is unclear why finger length is associated with various types of jobs.

Who knew the clue to a woman’s talents lie in the length of her fingers? If this study is true, it could help parents and teachers guide women into career choices that best fit their natural tendencies.