paul rudd diet

paul rudd diet

Paul Rudd got in shape for Ant-Man by being miserable for an entire year.

Rudd, 46, is making his mark in the Marvel uviverse as Scott Lang / Ant-Man, a guy who has the power to shrink to the size of an insect when he activates his special suit.

Although the actor previously expressed his relief at not having to beef up for the role in the same way Hugh Jackman did to portray Wolverine, he did want to look muscly and shows off a lean six-pack in one shot.

“I didn’t do anything fun for a year,” he told Cover Media, when asked how he got in shape for the shoot. “I ate no carbs or sugar, I worked out. I basically made health and fitness the focus of my day, for a long time. I would work out with a trainer; I worked with a guy who was teaching me tumbling, how to do flips, things like that. I was eating a lot of protein and vegetables, and I was eating at very specific times of the day. I didn’t drink any alcohol. And I was miserable to be around for about a year.”

“I’d never exercised harder than this for an extended amount of time,” Rudd tells PEOPLE of his intense, gymnastics-heavy workouts to become the Marvel superhero.

“My day was centered around fitness and health, and that was kind of a first,” he adds. “Every other time, I had to go about my day and try and find the time to work out. But [this time] everything else about my day kind of had to fit in around the workouts. I was going to be held accountable for it, and there was a reason for doing it. I wasn’t just randomly doing this kind of arbitrarily, which would have made it a lot harder.”

In all seriousness, Paul found himself getting into the swing of his exercise regime after a while. He’d never really taken working out so seriously before, but for this he realised he had no option but to go full pelt if he wanted the film to be a success.

“Actually I enjoyed having the focus. I knew I was going to have to be held accountable, so that made it a little easier,” he told cover media. “But I’d never done anything like that before, to that extreme, and having the majority of my day built around that instead of making fitness something I tried to work in on the side while I went about my day, was really kind of great. I woke up very early in the morning, I felt really good, I had lots of energy and it helped me also just get into the mind-set of this character. I figured if I’m in really good shape, I will feel like less of an imposter in the role.”

Ant-Man hits screens later this month.