Rob Ford Dead At 46

Former Mayor Rob Ford Dies

Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, died as a result of his fight against cancer. He was 46 years old.

“It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that the Ford family announces the death of their beloved child, Rob Ford, at the age of 46 years,” said a statement issued by the family this morning.

Rob Ford entered palliative care early in the week, no longer responding to treatment against his cancer. The disease was diagnosed in September 2014. He stepped down for his bid for mayor of Toronto, but was still elected alderman of Etobicoke North sector, a district he had represented from 2000 to 2010.

His years as mayor of Toronto had been hectic after an investigation by the Toronto Star had revealed that he was smoking crack. He also frequently been seen drunk at public events. Rob Ford had long denied before finally recognize his alcohol and drug problems.

Rob Ford was elected in 2010 promising to cut spending by Toronto administration.

“I am very saddened to learn of the death of Rob Ford after a long fight against cancer” was sorry Rona Ambrose, interim leader of the Conservative Party. This was keen to stress that “he fought tirelessly for taxpayers and was a real mouthpiece for the people he represented.”

The Conservative Party leader hopes that Canadians will come to put aside the controversial character to remember his achievements. “Despite the difficulties and the controversies he has faced, it is my hope that people will remember Rob Ford for his love for his community and his country,” said Ambrose.

Support of “Ford Nation”

Those who knew Mr. Ford describe a man for whom loyalty to friends and family was as unwavering as the support he received from the “Ford Nation”, a group of voters inspired by his personality both hard and Simple to which they could identify.

rob ford

“He is very loyal to his friends. He has a big heart, described the former Liberal MP John Nunziata, a friend of the Ford family. It does not send his friends to the slaughter. ”

This loyalty was mutual. His family remained by his side despite the scandals, and later, during the dark days of his illness. A significant number of voters has also continued to support the “Ford Nation”.

His brother, Doug Ford, who took his succession to the candidacy for mayor after his cancer had been discovered, finished a close second in the election in October 2014 – a sign of the continued popularity of his brother, according to several .

Mr. Ford, who kept a picture of his father who died on his desktop, liked his role as Mr. “all-the-world.” The regular guy, as he described himself, driving his own car – a luxury SUV – to work each day and made war on the “elite of the city center” her pet.

It was, according to its most dedicated fans, the politician guy who had a natural talent to make people feel that he really cared about their worries.

Regardless of its political achievements, passing the town became famous for the explosion of an unprecedented political circus that quickly became an international story.

Drugs, alcohol, denial, confessions and apologies have fueled the fire for several months.

videos filmed without his knowledge were cast in the media and made headlines not only in Canada, but beyond borders. In the first video, he was seen smoking crack and throw insults against minorities. Mr. Ford has long claimed to have no idea what it was.

Other videos and audio clips followed. He was talking nonsense, made offensive remarks about women. The collegiate football team he coached for years dropped. longtime assistants have left or were fired.

Ultimately, it was an important and aggressive tumor in his abdomen that put an end to the circus. He began repeated chemotherapy treatments. He lost his hair. He fought – sometimes unable to climb a few stairs – even when he was fighting pneumonia, proof that his mantra was that Ford “never gives up”.

Details of the funeral were not disclosed, but is expected to large crowds and a chapel at the City Hall. Jack Layton draped coffin was displayed in the building after his death in 2011 – and Ford, then mayor, he had said a final goodbye.

“For him, funerals are mandatory when they are friends,” said Mr. Nunziata.

The former mayor is survived by his wife, his two children, his mother and three siblings.