Eat These Foods To Help Weight Loss

Every week a new diet expert comes up with diet regime that is supposedly the latest fad in the weight loss world. Diets that go by your blood group, diets that restrict whole food groups like grains or dairy and even diets that align to star signs. A diet is not an answer to long term weight loss, it is often a fact that after quick weight loss, quick weight gain follows. A diet is in design hard to stick to, especially when thought of as a ‘diet’. Diets seem transient and always seem to have and end. People seem to stop diets when they reach a weight goal, a time-frame, a set date or if they see no results. A lifestyle change is the way true weight loss is achieved and maintained. But this seem somewhat less attainable that a quick diet to aid weight loss. So how about we just think of the food we eat.

A new study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown pairing certain food together can either result in weight gain or weight loss. The study followed diet habits of 120,000 over 16 years and discovered some interesting insights. People who ate more High GI foods than low GI foods lead to weight gain. This is inforation on high GI vs low GI is old news, but what is different is how choosing food combinations can help people loss more weight.

Eggs and Cheese

Eating eggs and cheese paired with vegetables will help speed up weight loss. Leave out high carb and high GI bread with this pairing though or weight gain will be achieved. Dairy often has a misconception that it should be avoided for weight loss. But dairy will keep people full for longer and has a slow release of energy that help this. Eggs packed with protein combined with cheese means you will be fuller for longer. Make a breakfast of omelettes with cheese or baked eggs with lashings of melting cheese, and lose weight while eating amazing dishes.


Meat and Vegetables

A diet high in red meat and processed meat will result in weight gain, But if you combine vegetables and red meat, weight loss is achieved and maintained. For even greater weight loss swap out red meat and substitute it with chicken or fish. This doesn’t have to be boring meals of steamed vegetables on the side with grilled meat. Try Stir frys and chicken bakes. The variety is endless.


Chicken and Cayenne

High in protein and low in GI, chicken is a great dinner option. Pair it with cayenne pepper to boost your metabolism and burn calories quicker.


Tuna and Ginger

Another low GI food, Tuna is packed with protein to keep you fuller longer. The pairing of ginger which is a natural digestion aid, will help in losing weight. Not only does this combination help with weight loss but tuna and ginger is a delicious combination.


Dark Chocolate and Apples

Dessert does not need to be given up on if looking to lose weight or maintain a weight loss. Dark chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants lower blood sugar levels and the dark chocolate microbes ferment in the stomach. When fermented, the chocolate release anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce belly fat.


Oatmeal and Blueberries

Fiber is a key component to weight loss and oatmeal is packed with fiber. The slow release of GI means feeling fuller for longer, therefore eating less. Combing berries with oatmeal will introduce the beneficial effect of polyphenols. These polyphenols will reduce inflammation and bloating, helping to target weight loss of belly fat. Pairing fiber and polyphenols is a fantastic way to target belly fat.