The list of items recalled this month are kitchen blenders, clip-on desk lamps, mattresses, lighting reflector assemblies and bicycle handlebar stems. There is a great risk of electric shock from the lamps. And the risk of injury from the blenders because the plastic pitcher separates from the base assembly where the blades are attached; could result in consumers being cut by the blades. Consumers are encouraged to return blenders to retail stores for a full refund.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is the government arm responsible for protecting the public against risks from injury or death. The organization oversees all consumer products that may pose fire, electrical, mechanical or a chemical threat.

The presence of the CPSC has reduced the number of fatalities and injuries associated with using consumer products, with an estimate that damage to property and to life and limb costs taxpayers $900 billion every year. It is illegal to sell or resell items that are recalled.

2012 may product recalls