With Father’s Day just around the corner, many people could use some help coming up with Father’s Day gifts that are economical and sure to make Dad happy.

To really impress Dad, one may want to consider a fine piece of jewelry, such as a Rolex watch. Other fine jewelry gift ideas include tie clips and cuff links. These sorts of gifts show that one really cares about a father figure in his or her life.

Consider giving Dad a coupon book, with each “coupon” good for one extra chore around the house. Make sure to include some chores that Dad doesn’t like doing!

Have the kids draw and color a portrait of your family and then frame it. Often you can find a very cheap frame on clearance at many major stores, ranging from $1 and up.

And finally, consider the gift of time! Plan an activity that focuses on spending time together, like going on a picnic, finding a nearby trail to hike, or rollerblading through the park.

Most important, remember to tell Dad how much you care this weekend. He’ll appreciate it!

The Top Of The Line Father's Day Gifts Money Can Buy

The Top Of The Line Father's Day Gifts Money Can Buy