Thanksgiving Flights Means Lower Fees And More Headaches

Thanksgiving Flights Means Lower Fees And More Headaches

>Thanks For Flights, But Give Time For Planning

In order to have taken advantage of dramatically-discounted airline rates for Thanksgiving 2013, you would have had to book them at least 10-12 weeks ago. All United States domestic airline services are expecting a busier holiday travel season this year. Along with a predicted 85% capacity rate for each flight, ticket prices will be noticeably more expensive.

It is estimated that as many as 25 million people will be taking Thanksgiving flights this year during the 12-day Thanksgiving travel period. This is nearly 2 % more people using air travel than in 2012. As a result, most travelers should expect a 10-15% increase in the cost of round trip airfare, reports USA Today.

It is also common this year to see extremely high fees for large cargo packages because the Thanksgiving flights will likely coincide perfectly with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all other special shopping days. Packages weighing over 50 pounds could net a traveler a bill of up to $100 for cargo service. Add in the extra security at airports because of recent newsworthy events in terminals all over the world, and you can expect an interesting Thanksgiving travel experience, to say the least.

If you still need to book tickets for Thanksgiving, remember the tried-and-true ways of getting the best ticket prices. Consider them to be imperatives when using air travel this Thanksgiving. Take routes with multiple stops and layovers. Fly Stand-by and use a less convenient origination airport. Choose not to travel on weekends and bid on discount Internet ticket sites. Never fail to shop for hotel/flight/rental packages instead of solitary ticket purchases. Thanksgiving 2013 is going to be interesting for travelers, but those who know how to get a great deal will guarantee a memorable holiday.

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