We first saw Nike’s self lacing shoes in the classic movie ‘Back to the Future II’ and they have been a cult symbol ever since. It was said a pair of these shoes as seen in the movie could fetch up to $200,000 and were amazingly rare. Now Nike is releasing a cheaper version of self lacing shoes – though cheap seems to be a relative term when it comes to Nike. The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 shoes feature self lacing technology. The release date is December the 1st and the price is $720. So totally cheaper than $200,000, but not sitting in the affordable everyday sneakers price range either!

The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers will come in White, Black and Metallic Silver colour choices. Even at $720 each, these Nike sneakers are going to be on the sneakers collectors list and will be a limited release. Making them doubly hard to find a pair easily. These self lacing Nike’s are going to be on the must have kicks list for shoe collectors – especially sneaker aficionados.

The shoe will have four key features according to nicekicks.com.

  • A heel sensor to alert the shoe when a foot is inside.
  • A cable lacing system.
  • Specialized motor capabilities to tighten ans loosen the cables.
  • A rechargeable battery to power the LED lights on the outsole.

How do you get a pair?

Nike has said the shoes will be first be available to Nike+ members on December the 1st. No doubt these sneakers are going to highly sought after. They will work by placing your foot in the shoe which will activate the lights and a pressure sensor located in the sole draws a tighter arrangement of the cables inside. The fit can be adjusted with two buttons on the front. The actual laces on the front of the shoe are only for decoration only.

For all the information on making appointments to try these shoes on and how to get on the first buyers list visit Nike.com or use the Nike+ app. There is going to be a small number selected for limited early access purchases on December the 1st. They will be notified through the Nike+ app with a ‘Reserved for you’ system. This will let them know when they will be able to go to the store and purchase the sneakers.