Witness the Solar Eclipse Online as it Happens

Beginning at 5:30 pm EDT on Sunday May 20, 2012, some fortunate areas of the Untied State will be able to view an annular solar eclipse.

In this type of eclipse the moon moves between the Earth and the sun, blocking off most of the view of the sun from the Earth, leaving only an intense ring of the sun’s light visible.

The area of the Earth in line with this phenomenon will be encompassed by the shadow of the moon. During the approximate seven and a half minutes of the eclipse, affected regions will lose over ninety percent of the light from the sun.

The many people who will not be able to witness this event live will have the opportunity to view it in real time online.

Several organizations, including SPACE.com, will allow interested individuals who are not in the direct path of the eclipse to watch its progression, via telescopes, as it will be seen in the Western United States and Eastern Asia.

Watch Tthe Solar Eclipse Online as it Happens

Watch Tthe Solar Eclipse Online as it Happens