Stolen iPhone Adventures

When Katy McCraffey’s iPhone was stolen while she was vacationing on a Disney cruise in April, she had little hope of ever getting it back.

A surprised McCraffey discovered photos online that the alleged thief took that was automatically uploaded to the iCloud account installed on her iPhone, unbeknown to him.

The iCloud allows users to store music and photos at a remote computer location to free up space on the phone. The feature is standard on all iPhones and can be turned off under the phones settings, which the crook failed to do.

The victim began to upload the pictures to her facebook account under an album titled “Stolen iPhone Adventures,” which showed the thief partying and drinking with coworkers.

McCraffey was ultimately able to identify the cruise line employee by his name tag on his uniform and photos that he snapped of his pregnant girlfriend, another employee of the liner.

The phone snatcher was placed on administrative leave by Disney and the phone will be given back to Miss McCraffey as soon as the ship reaches port.

Woman's Stolen Phone Returned Thanks To Apple's  iCloud Feature (PHOTO)

Woman's Stolen Phone Returned Thanks To Apple's iCloud Feature (PHOTO)