Diehard fans of Grand Theft Auto V may not have to hold their breaths for long. It is being whispered through the grapevine that a tweet from the X-BoxSupport leaked information about the release of the extremely popular game: ““@TheRealDubster The next title, Grand Theft Auto 5, will be out later this year ^BB”.

Of course this is unconfirmed since the tweet is said to have been deleted. The anticipated launch is expected in 2013. Some people view the leak as a way to boost pre-order sales.

Judging from figures GTA IV raked in for the fiscal year 2008, 13million units were shipped from April that year to March 2009. Analyst expects GTAV to sell around 14 million at the time of its launch. This translates as $700 million in sales with an expectation of over $1 billion generated in revenues for Rockstar.

Whatever the figures, fans out there just want to play.

GTA V Ready To Launch