LucasFilm has announced the release of a new Star Wars game titled “Star Wars 1313.” Fans of Star Wars games have been waiting for a new addition to the Star Wars game line.

Star Wars 1313 will feature a third-person player role. The main character is a bounty hunter exploring the depths of the criminal underground of the planet Coruscant.

As you take the reins of the bounty hunter, your job is to remove all your marks with a bevy of exotic weapons and gadgets. Additionally, you uncover clues to a criminal conspiracy as you do so.

The “Star Wars 1313” was named after “Level 1313” the criminal underground of the planet Coruscant. The game offers extraordinary set pieces and fast-paced action throughout.

Earlier in May, LucasArts registered the trademark “Star Wars 1313” giving fans and reporters clues as to the upcoming game release. The announcement of the game release was made on Spike TV on May 31st at 10pm PST.