Facebook scammers are once more attempting to pique your inquisitiveness with claims of a video revealing a roller coaster mishap in California. This is a cheat and no such video is present. There are links that direct you to what seems to be a video entrenched on what appears a Facebook webpage. However, both of them are fakes.

The scammers’ objective is to drive more people towards some selected websites. This is the way how the scammer produces his or her money comprising a commission for each survey accomplished, each product bought, and/or each bank account compromised.

In addition, you are informed to share the link with the entire of your friends on Facebook, as well as you are inquired to add a remark. The next webpage insists you to register for a premium rate service of cell phone, purchase some pills, and/or complete an online survey. Furthermore, they also make use of the scams to distribute malware and get individual information. Never fill out no matter which or download from such links anything to unlock a video or any other kind of content.

New Facebook Rollercoaster Scam