Photos of sick babies on Facebook are used to garner the sympathy of good-hearted members. The problem with the photos is that they are scams. There are over 317 of these scams floating freely around Facebook. Some members of the site have sent the information to Facebook’s upper echelon. A letter was sent along with the proper information in an attempt to convince Facebook to remove the photos and stop the madness.

There has been little response from Facebook. There is a tool to report spam; however, the tool is virtually useless. The photos still show up long after hundreds of people have reported them as spam. The problem may lie in the fact that there are so many of these photos that Facebook cannot keep up with the demand to ban such photos.

The worst thing about these scams is that the families of the children in the photographs have not given permission for them to be used. The scams generally state that each time the photo is shared; Facebook will donate a certain amount of money. Unfortunately, that is not true. Do not click or share these photos.

Sick Baby Pictures Part Of Facebook Scams