Not everything is harmonious at eHarmony. Unfortunately their database has been infiltrated by the same group that stole up to 6.4 million LinkedIn website passwords recently. The amount of passwords stolen at eHarmony is not as large, with a total of up to 1.5 million accounts being affected. This is seven-and-a-half percent of their total membership of 20 million accounts.

The management at eHarmony detected this breach and has already taken action. Anyone that had their passwords stolen will be asked to create a new password the new time they log in. It is a good idea to do this as soon as possible to avoid further corruption of your account at eHarmony.

Any time your password is stolen at a website, it is a good idea to consider changing your passwords at other websites. This is especially true if they are remotely similar to the one that was stolen.

Passwords Stolen At eHarmony