Scheduled for sale on June 21, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a new smartphone available to T-mobile customers. Current statements on the Samsung’s smartphone focus on the enhanced software features that provide a higher level of usability for customers.

The new Galaxy S III will run on T-mobile’s HSPA + 42 network, which is faster than 3G. The smartphone also utilizes a 1.5GHZ Snapdragon processer and has a 2GB of RAM. The front facing camera and 4.8 inch display also provide users a convenient way to video chat.

New Samsung Galaxy III owners will enjoy several of the new features contained within the device. With a simple shake of the Samsung Galaxy S III, the smart phone will search for Bluetooth devices. The list of emails, Yahoo News will also refresh. Swiping a hand across the screen will enable the camera to take pictures. There are also a few additional features that provide a creative way to utilize the touch screen and display options on the phone.

New Released Date Scheduled For The Samsung Galaxy III