Long Hidden Research on Depraved Penguins Uncovered

Research regarding the sexual habits of depraved penguins done during a 1910 expedition to the South Pole has been discovered in an English museum and finally made public.

Dr. George Levick was so unnerved by his findings about the bird-like creatures that he wrote his final report in Greek and left explicit instructions that they not be published.

The National History Museum in Great Britain has finally released Levick’s original manuscripts.

He details the shocking sexual habits of the Adelie penguins which the explorers studied in Antarctica between 1910 and 1913, saying he observed them engaged in necrophila with dead penguins, masturbation, and homosexual acts between two male penguins.

In addition, Levick found that mature Adelie penguins sexually abused and harrassed both male and female younger penguins, forcing them into unwanted sexual encounters. At one point, Levick says he even observed a male Adelie penguin raping a handcapped female penguin

 Depraved Penguins Shocked Researcher

Depraved Penguins Shocked Researcher