Oh internet, why are you so a twitter about bumping off celebritites?

According to reports, rapper Vanilla Ice, real name, Robert Van Winkle), is more than a little anger over false reports of his death. The “ice Ice Baby” singer was upset because his concerned family and friends were terrified the rumours were true.

The rapper, turned reality star was said to have died in a car crash on Monday but the news was quickly revealed to be a hoax.

Twitter To The Rescue

The star took to his Twitter account to clear up the gossip and tell fans he’s alive and well.

“I don’t know who’s spreading this rumor about me dying in a car crash but – IM ALIVE ! I have like 30 texts, from mom family and friends,” the MC tweeted.

Van Winkle is just the latest star to become victim of an internet death hoax. Just recently, Ryan Gosling’s death was prematurely reported. The hoax said the actor died down under.

Vanilla Ice Death Hoax: Rapper Outragged

Vanilla Ice Death Hoax: Rapper Outragged