Twitter, the social network that allows microblog expressed in a 140-characters or less, experienced a global service inturption Thursday.

The first session occured from approximately 11:00 am to 12:15 noon, at which time users could not accesse the site through any platform (PC, mobile, game consoles, tablets, etc.)

Twitter updated its status blog at 1:42 saying “the issue has been resolved and all services are currently operational” — but at 2:16, another update from Twitter backtracked and said “the issue is on-going.”

Meanwhile, users at all latitudes wwere wondering the causes and time at which service will be restored. The microblogging network has become a major channel of information for the Internet, media, artists and personalities.

Again, about 12:45 pm the service failed again until 2:00 pm. This time the site did not show the image of the famous whale carried by birds when the service is down. Now, users encounter an error message.

As confirmed by the Californian company spokesman, Robert Weeks, the site has been restored to normal.

The incident affected the Twitter service globally and due to the time that occurred mainly affected users in Europe and America.

The downtime is nothing new to Twitter, but services has been better for the past 2 years.