It is a sad day when one has to turn to sex appeal to attract females into the field of science. Young girls already are force-fed the notion that the have to look a specific way in order to be accepted into society.

According to the Science Girl ad, in order to become a successful scientist, you have to “**** it up”? Please!

The LA Times says the video: “bounces between shots of nail polish and petri dishes, sunglasses and goggles over a techno beat; it even swaps out the “i” in “science” with a tube of lipstick. Appalled scientists said the video was a sexist bit of advertising based on the idea that only fashion could get girls interested in test tubes.”

The Huffington Post adds: “All of this scientific activity is taking place not in a lab, but in a kind of **** nightclub, where everything is pink, but there is no dancing. It is neatly rounded off with the words, “Science: It’s a girl thing” scrawled across our screens by the lipstick which is flashed in front of us, like a subliminal message, during the beginning of the video.”

The video has received so much backlash, that it has been removed from the campaign.

“An epic fail, and waste of public money,” one YouTube viewer commented. “Pity, really.”

“How condescending this is, not only to the female scientists but also to science itself if people really believe that this ‘fashionized’ video is in any way representative for what is going on in research labs,” another YouTube user writes in the comments.

What do you think?

Science Girl Ad Coveys Wrong Message

Science Girl Ad Coveys Wrong Message