Was Your Computer Hit By Malware?

Monday is the day the FBI will discontinue the internet support they have been providing to about 250,000 computers.

Last year it was discovered six hackers were running a scam that appeared to be advertising but instead was designed to infect about 500,000 computers with malware. The FBI substituted servers to prevent internet access loss.

Users of the hacked systems may have experienced slower response speeds, and some computers may have had additional trouble with other viruses.

Internet users can go to http://www.dcwg.org to see if their computers have been run by the substitute servers and the solution.

Some people belive that the FBI is only trying to spy on people.

Still, the Internet is flooded with conspiracy theories:
“I think the FBI just wants everyone to go to that website to check our computers so they can check our computers as well. Just a way to steal data for their own research,” one computer user said in a posting on the Internet.

Another observed: “Yet another ploy to get everyone freaked out … remember Y2K.”

There also is an underlying sense that this will be much ado about nothing, such as the approach of 2000.

Did you have have trouble getting online this morning?

Fbi: Computer Check Online, Malware Monday Is Here

Fbi: Computer Check Online, Malware Monday Is Here