Actor Charlie Sheen, known more for his off camera escapades than for his acting roles, has closed his Twitter account with the parting message: “reach for the stars everyone. dogspeed cadre. c out.”

Sheen, himself only recently began “social networking” during his controversial loss of custody of his children and his two “goddesses” that lived with him.

He initially opened the Twitter account to provide life feeds to fans and immediately had millions of followers within a week – by some estimates as much as seven million.

Sheen is not known for keeping a low profile so it is likely fans will continue to hear from him just not on Twitter.

Sheen told TMZ, “Thank you all for your amazing support. Trust me when I say please ‘follow’ me to my next endeavor. It’s gonna be epic.”

For your amusement, here are 10 of the best Sheen tweets:

Top Ten Charlie Sheen Tweets

10. Aaaaarrggghhh…me loves the smell of tigers’ blood in the mornin’.

9. Went to Haiti to help out, only to find I was put in charge of collecting donations for Charlie Sheen Relief Fund.

8. The first step toward recovery is admitting that everyone else is bat-**** crazy.

7. Being unemployed is not all that bad.

6. Who said Frosted Flakes drenched in tiger’s blood is just for kids?

5. Received offer to direct porn parody of “Two and a Half Men.” Hope I can cast John Bobbitt.

4. If CBS does cast Qaddafi to replace me, they’d better call show “Two-and-a-Half Dictators” or I will take all of heir sorry asses down.

3. “You know it’s hard out there for a pimp…”

2. Just because two-and-a-half million people are following me doesn’t mean I’m paranoid. Does it?

1. If only I hadn’t lost my What Would President Josiah Bartlet Do? bracelet…

Charlie Sheen Closes Twitter Account

Charlie Sheen Closes Twitter Account