Mother Dolphin Mourns Baby Calf

Mother Dolphin Mourns Baby Calf © Mogens Trolle |

Dolphin Seen Mourning Dead Calf

Do dolphins mourn as humans do?

Tourists who noticed a dolphin in southern China would agree they do. In what is now being called “dolphin mourning”, a mother dolphin was seen in Sanniang Bay on July 8 carrying her baby calf, which had been dead for days, reports NDT China.

Watchers of the event noticed the dolphin attempting to swim and keep the calf’s body afloat, who’s belly was covered in long slashes and tears, which comes to the conclusion the baby was caught in a boat propeller.

“The little dolphin was dead for two or three days, but its mother still stayed with it and carried it day and night, which has touched all of us and the tourists. Just like human beings, dolphins also have feelings. A mother’s love is noble and moving,” Mr. Su, a fisherman, told NDT.

Just as human mothers care for their young, it is safe to say dolphins have strong emotions as well.