California Driverless Cars inch Closer To Reality Flckr user jurvetson (Steve Jurvetson)

California Driverless Cars inch Closer To Reality Flckr user jurvetson (Steve Jurvetson)

California Law and Driverless Cars

Cars that actually drive themselves may become a reality for citizens of California by the year 2015.

Big names such as Ford, Google, and Stanford have been working on creating these robot cars, which allow the driver to sit behind the wheel while the cars computer does the rest.

The co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin actually signed a bill with Governor Jerry Brown to pass the law that would allow these robotic cars to become legal (Rosenberg,2012).

Gov. Jerry Brown rode to Google headquarters in a self-driving Toyota Prius before signing legislation Tuesday that will pave the way for driverless cars in California.

The bill by Democratic Sen. Alex Padilla will establish safety and performance regulations to test and operate autonomous vehicles on state roads and highways.

“Today we’re looking at science fiction becoming tomorrow’s reality — the self-driving car,” Brown said. “Anyone who gets inside a car and finds out the car is driving will be a little skittish, but they’ll get over it.”

The opposing side, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, shared their opinion of the autonomous vehicles stating their concerns over the liability of carmakers, as well as the security issue of the tracking of the vehicles movements.

“Unfortunately this legislation lacks any provision protecting an automaker whose car is converted to an autonomous operation vehicle without the consent or even knowledge of that auto manufacturer,” the trade group said in a statement.

Even with the opposing team making a strong point against these automobiles, the legislature approved the bill in late August.

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