Taiwan Wants Apple To Blur Military Site On New Map

Taiwan Wants Apple To Blur Military Site On New Map

Taiwan Has Unique Problem With Apple Maps


Apple iPhone owners have been complaining about the new GPS app that replaced Google Maps on their phones.
Issues have ranged from melted bridges to improperly placed landmarks. Some famous buildings have even been misrepresented because of their names.
A large, green park space is used to represent the Madison Square Garden because it has “garden” in the name.

The government of Taiwan now has their own problem with Apple Maps.

The app’s satellite image of a Taiwanese air base shows a defense system in high resolution, reports AFP.
It is situated near the Hsinchu Air Base in northern Taiwan. The 10-story high radar installation can detect and track targets as far away as western China. The facility was built with United States technology and is expected to go online this year.

The Taiwanese government has asked Apple to blur the image or decrease its resolution. They want to prevent the Chinese government from being able to study the installation on hand-held devices. Google and other app makers have a policy of blurring or blocking out satellite images of potentially sensitive areas.

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