iphone Lost Up Cow By Farmer

iphone Lost Up Cow By Farmer

UK farmer claims on insurance for iPhone he loses up a cow

Mobile phone insurance companies all over the world must get some bizarre claims when it comes to how phones were lost or destroyed, but few have probably received one like the claim recently filed with mobileinsurance.co.uk. In it a UK farmer asked for money to replace his iPhone as he said it had been damaged while sitting in the inside of a cow.

Apparently the cow had been giving birth at the time, with the farmer’s assistance, and that’s when the trouble started.

As anyone who has worked on a farm knows, helping during calving often requires inserting your hand up inside the birth canal in an effort to turn the calf and make the birth easier on the cow.

Of course, it’s dark inside a cow and difficult to see, so the farmer in question stumbled upon the bright idea of using the flashlight app on his iPhone to illuminate the situation. The result? Cows have extremely strong muscles and, once those muscles contract, you won’t be retrieving anything they grab until the cow has decided it’s completely finished with it.

According to the farmer, the iPhone did eventually reappear but the inside of a cow isn’t particularly conducive to phone longevity.