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Hurricane Sandy has all the ingredients to be the most devastating storm ever to hit the U.S. some weather experts claim; the collision of the Hurricane with a winter storm system moving south from the Arctic could lead to the formation of what has been dubbed a Frankenstorm, According to The National Hurricane Center.

The predicted path of the storm calculated by the National Hurricane Center shows the storm will reach the north east coast of the U.S. sometime overnight between Monday October 28th and the morning of Tuesday October 29th. Various computer models have predicted different regions where the storm could make landfall, including some proedictions of the areas between Maryland and New England, and others showing landfall between Delaware and the New York New Jersey coastline.

The entire eastern coastline from North Carolina to the northerly state of Massachusetts are expecting storm damage. Hurricane force winds were measured 105 miles from the eye of the storm on Sunday and tropical storm strength winds were felt 700 miles miles from the eye.