iRock Rocking chair charges Your iPad or iPhone

iRock Rocking chair charges Your iPad or iPhone

iRock to Charge my Gadgets

In today’s world, everyone has a portable music or internet device. Smartpones, tablets and MP3 players abound. One company has taken the bull by the horns. Between the iPhone, iPod and iPad, Apple Products have taken over the portable entertainment world.

For many, however, charging all of these gadgets is a strain on the environment and on their personal finances. That is where the new iRock rocking chair comes into play. The iRock contains a docking station with speakers. It also uses a generator to harness the power of the rocking chair. Simply rocking for 30 minutes is enough to charge an iPad 3 to 35 percent.

Many people are applauding the creative use of alternative energy. Others, however, feel this has gone too far. The 1300 dollar price tag, they feel, is too much to justify the savings.

The chair is made from solid pine and currently available only in white. In the future, it may be released in other colors including red, black, yellow and even striped.