First Hamburger In Space: Suck It Baumgartner!

First Hamburger In Space: Suck It Baumgartner! (Courtesy YouTube)

Operation Skyfall

Five students at Harvard made history on October 27th by sending a hamburger into Earth’s stratosphere.

Renzo Lucioni, who is a computer science major, came up with the idea along with four other friends.

After realizing they would need financial support to purchase helium, which is currently in short supply, the group contacted a nearby hamburger place called b.good. The restaurant replied quickly, supplying $1,000 and the needed hamburger.

The hamburger made a three-hour journey inside of a styrofoam case complete with balloon, camera, GPS, hand warmers and a parachute. After the balloon popped, the case fell back to Earth and lodged in a tall tree. Once retrieved, it was discovered that the hamburger was gone, most likely eaten by local wildlife.

A video chronicle of the hamburger’s extraordinary journey, “Operation Skyfall: First Hamburger in Space”, has been posted to YouTube. The group is currently considering a burrito project.

Earlier this year, a Canadian teenager sent a Lego man into the stratosphere, achieving an altitude of about 80,000 feet.